About Me

Hey there, welcome to my page.

Miša Bitenc Hernčič

Miša Bitenc Hernčič is a Slovenian writer and storyteller, writes travel stories from her travel around Africa, Middle East and Europe.

In December 2019 I moved from Slovenia to Saudi Arabia for a while.
My husband Tamer from Sudan and I live in Jeddah, a large city on the coast by the Red Sea.
Last spring, when the entire world came to a stop, I started posting my letters, in which I describe my experiences in the kingdom far away from home.
You are invited to read all the stories. I will be happy to also receive your comments. Just in case you don’t miss any of my posts in the future, you may subscribe to my newsletter.
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P. S.: This website is a new chapter on my creative writing journey,
Miša piše in Slovene translates to Miša writes.