I could have written: “Here I am, Slovenia bound.” Departed from summer to winter, I am waiting for Tamer to join me. I’m a little cautious of how it will be, scared how I’ll be able to do everything by myself for a while… But I didn’t.

I could have shared: “I had to execute a giant spider all by myself, because at eleven PM there was no one else in our Ljubljana apartment, because I’m still waiting for my dearest, who is arranging business and visa and so many other things.” But I didn’t.

I could have posted: At my parents’ for the New Year. Famous Slovene song about the New Year’s Eve kiss was playing on TV, yet there was none for me, as my husband was still 2873 miles away. But didn’t.

How I miss my cats so much it hurts? I can’t even think about them without crying. We took care of them to the best of our ability. They are still fed from time to time, the water stations are marked.

How Tamer’s visa got rejected on the first try, and before that, how they managed to screw up everything that was possible to screw up?

Then I thought, should I write: “I go to sleep only two more times before Tamer comes over.” But I didn’t. Until he arrived at our new home, until he was in my arms, I couldn’t write anything. I was too afraid that something would go wrong.

Now I can. Now we are both in Ljubljana. We had to go to the Viennese embassies again for the final attestations of the necessary documents for our joint stay in Slovenia. And then another visit to the Slovene government office. Now we await further proceedings. We are waiting in slight uncertainty, wondering what challenges we still have to face, but the most important thing is that we are waiting together.

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