A very special anniversary

He was waiting for me at the airport. I arrived in the middle of the night, for the first time alone on a plane, for the first time so far away from home.

After more than a year, we had to make this leap, to overcome the distance. He was not welcome in Slovenia back then, or rather, Austria did not let him into Schengen territory. So I came a little over half way to meet him Egypt.

He was waiting for me at the airport. I still remember his hands in his pockets, the pacing and his broad smile. How nervous he was. When we finally locked eyes through the transparent fences, hearts in our chests could only be silenced by the loud hustle and bustle of the airport at the last baggage check.

And then there was no more ocean or thousands of kilometers between us, only one more step to make for an embrace.

We held hands for the first time in the taxi. Only this last piece was missing, and the puzzle was complete.

Four years ago today, he was waiting for me at the airport. And there was an adventure waiting for us.

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