Al Taif. Again

A week later and I find myself missing Taif. We both are. Missing the cooler weather, the nature and that indescribable “we’re out of town having a small adventure” kind of a feeling.

I definitely miss having fun with my outfits and not worrying I’ll sweat too much, and that could be visible through the fabric. One might notice I don’t care for black abayas all the time. I LOVE colors and it shows.

At the Bird park in Taif

I miss interacting with animals, birds in particular. A friend has a pet bird back home and I loved teaching it bad words sometime. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Seeing the camels out and about was also a special experience. So serene seeing them move in their slow pace in front of their shepherd. And the monkeys alongside the road. And packs of wild dogs, those were a sight to see.

taif7 2

What I won’t miss is even crazier traffic if you can believe it. Jeddah drivers? Almost angelic compared to Taif maniacs behind the wheel. So everything has it’s pros and cons. We are back in Jeddah now. Already planning a new weekend trip in a few weeks. Can hardly wait!

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