Another Sudanese proverb

Here I go again, debating with myself which letter should be the next in line for posting. A Sudanese proverb here and there (the one in question is also known in other Arabic-speaking countries) always comes in handy.

When Tamer first shared it with me to reassure me about the dilemma I was facing at the time, I immediately pricked up my ears. “I love it!”

It was then when I put it away to a safe and cozy, draught-free treasury of wisdom, that I can reopen and share with you when the opportunity arises.

What I myself can extract from the proverb of the day: when something or someone causes you distress, puts you in a bad mood… you can put an end to it. Close the door, walk away, remove yourself from the situation that brings out the worst in you. It’s not about running away from a challenge, it’s about keeping a calm state of mind and giving your soul a rest.

Might we add anything else? How do you perceive the saying? Let me know in the comments.

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