Bazaar. Oh how I missed it! ❤️

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Which is kind of weird for me because I don’t usually do well with crowds. Apparently, the long-lasting social distancing pushed me in another direction. People from of all over, a variety of goods, carpets, fragrances and, last but not least, moving stalls on wheels, swaying under all the colorful vegetables. And the noise, which is not noise at all. Every seller is trying to invite customers, “Merhaba” and other greetings are heard, some are shouting their prices like at an auction, while others have them recorded on their sound system. I witnessed the latter also in Sudan, at the market in Khartoum.

Even though it was still too humid, we enjoyed our walk during all this hustle and bustle. Like most, we also wore masks. It turned out, however, that we were attracting much less attention yesterday; by that I mean the fact that we are a mixed couple, and curious looks sometimes make us a little uncomfortable. I’m not sure what I can attribute this inconspicuousness to on this occasion. But maybe I’ve finally mastered the right hijab style and I’m no longer so awkward and clumsy in long abayas.
Despite taking a few photos and a couple of short videos, I felt a good deal of respect for the people around me. They are no longer foreign to me. Friendly eyes deter me from photographing them as a tourist. I want to share the true and genuine feel of this world, while preserving the dignity of the people who are part of it in all their colorful diversity.

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