Clothes shopping in Saudi

“Where can I try on this dress?”

In November 2020, the following answers are possible in Saudi Arabia:

  • We don’t have fitting rooms. You may pay for the clothes, take them home and try them on there. If something does not fit you, you can return or exchange it within 2 days of purchase, make sure to keep the receipt.
  • Our shop does not have a fitting room, usually you could try on clothes in the separate area of this shopping mall, where fitting rooms are located. You would have to pay for them first of course. But alas, at this time it is not permitted to try on clothes elsewhere than at home.
  • Our fitting rooms are temporarily closed due to safety measures.

The Saudi phenomenon “we don’t have fitting rooms” left me speechless around one year ago when Tamer first took me to various stores, long before “corona time”. I made a mental note to write something about this one day. It is a bit strange to share such content during this period, because I know that, for example, clothing stores in Slovenia are closed at this time. We had a complete lockdown in Saudi Arabia in April and May, and partial curfew in Jeddah was dragged well into June.

Shopping with mandatory face masks

This week we went for some shopping again, and I chose 3 pieces of clothing. Nothing special, I know I will need and wear them. All 3 tunics were about the same size, loose and comfy in appearance. We came home and I started with a home fashion show in the living room. Two tunics suited me perfectly! The third? Nope, it didn’t work. The top was so weirdly out of shape and too big, so I felt like a sack of potatoes, and the part over the hips was too tight, very uncomfortable. “This will have to be returned, I won’t even look for a replacement, it’s a strange piece anyway.” And so we returned it the next day.

At China Town Space Mall

Can you imagine such complications every time you wanted to buy clothes? What a waste of time that is! That’s why I’m not always in the mood for such purchases. I love browsing beautiful dresses, but I don’t like to be disappointed when something doesn’t fit. The size may be right, but sometimes a dress or pants simply don’t look good when we put them on.

Perhaps the experience could be compared to online shopping. I don’t practice that much myself. I do have one experience however, when I ordered a dress online that matched my exact measurements, but in the end it was still not the right fit for me.

What do you think about some Saudi shops without fitting rooms? Do you shop more online now since clothing stores may be less available or closed? Do you also have a bad experience with your shipment?
Stop by in the comments, I will be happy to hear from you. 

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