In this month of June we can celebrate 2 years since Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on women driving. Saudi women have since then become more independent, it’s easier for them to tackle the job market and they feel, as they say, more powerful. I wish to express my utmost respect to all the women and men who sacrificed their efforts and freedom to make this ban lifting happen.

I sat down at the wheel myself this spring and drove alongside the beach on the streets of Jeddah. Before I arrived I arranged the necessary international driving license back in Slovenia. But let me tell you, 10 years of experience in driving, doesn’t give you much of a headstart when you face the “Arab” traffic rules. Let’s just say I don’t flourish in chaos.

 In Slovenia I honk plenty, I can’t bear the slow drivers on their phones at a green light. Here the use of blinkers is even more arbitrary than back home where we say they are useless for the BMW drivers. Traffic jams are a regular occurrence, fast backing up from parking to the main road and aggressive cutting off as well; all of that makes a mix of a special kind of stress. I need more practice. I need to get back on the road. Maybe it would be better, to gain some confidence outside the city to start. Can’t wait to drive down to the desert and go fast, open the windows and enjoy the liberating drive.

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