Green things I miss in this kingdom far away from home:

💚 Green meadows. In Ljubljana, I had meadows with small patches of forest just a stone’s throw away from home.

💚 Pickles. Here in Saudi Arabia, for some reason, they’re crazy about pickled vegetables instead of fresh salad for a side dish. I don’t know what they do differently here, but I’ll never buy pickles in this region ever again because I’ve already been burned twice, them being so damn sour that I can’t even think about them.

💚 Olimpia (basketball club). Before moving, I went to basketball games every week. Now I can only monitor them remotely. I will not even mention the current sad situation the club is now in because of this state of emergency.

💚 A green traffic light when I was driving my Fiat Uno. “He” is now 19, yet he was 17 years old when my grandfather made it official and gave it to me.

💚 A cooling shade underneath the green trees. Like meadows, the shade under a big bushy tree is something else. You can’t really retreat from the sun or heat under a date palm.

💚 Recycling. Here it is nonexistent, but at home I was proclaimed a recycling terrorist. Needless to say that I still get a bit anxious sometimes because of all the trash that is not thrown away properly.

💚 What are your favorite green things? 💚

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