He would have turned 89 today. The last time we spoke on the phone was three years ago for his birthday. I was still hoping that I would be able to visit him again in the summer, but I was stuck in Saudi Arabia because of you know what. A month later, I couldn’t even go to his funeral.

He never met Tamer, I didn’t explain to him about my trips to Egypt and Sudan and then about moving to live with my husband in Jeddah.

My grandfather’s dementia hit us all pretty hard. When he was gone, the bad days were forgotten. There are only the good old days left, with the mischievous smile of a gentleman from Šiška, who went every day at the same time to the store to buy the same kind of bread buns and then for a cappuccino in the neighboring cafe.

Tamer and I went to Žale cemetery today. We stopped at the grave, which I myself have visited several times. It was a nice day. Happy birthday, Grandpa.

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