Home sweet home

Every new home needs time. In a foreign country, where expats like to save up, we approach many things even more prudently.

Before I first came to Saudi Arabia last year, my better half had already rented an apartment. A month before my arrival, we were somewhat anxious whether we would find the right place in time at all. Most of the flats are too big, larger families are more common here. First, he searched for ads online, then he was driving around chosen neighborhoods and continued to call phone numbers from bulletin boards in front of the apartment buildings. He went on quite a few tours, took photos of some locations, others I could see live on video calls. Just a few weeks before my arrival, we finally found the right one. A one-bedroom apartment with a spacious living room with affordable rent.

“What colors do you want to paint the walls with,” he asked me still at long distance. I chose Tuscan yellow for the living room and a gentle lilac for the bedroom. Then he hurried on with the furniture.

Everything, just about everything except the curtains, bed linens and appliances, we bought second hand. Flea market here is really booming, furniture and other goods are sold by both Saudis and expats; the former are enthusiastic consumers who quickly get tired of their furniture and are hungry for modern new trends, the latter, in case of their so called final exit and return to their homeland, quickly sell everything they want to get rid of. In both cases, buyers with some patience and a little sense for bargaining can come up with very favorable acquisitions.

Although we started our nesting remotely, I really enjoyed every decision we made together for each purchase. I drew the floor plans and envisioned the pieces of furniture. When I finally arrived, we still had a lot of work to do. I kept getting new and new ideas of what we needed and what we could do to improve the comfort of our home.

After about a month, we were finally satisfied with all the equipment and supplies, we were able to start just enjoying our new home. Well, every now and then I still get a feeling of restlessness and when I look around the apartment, a trace of inspiration on my face betrays me that I already have new ideas for improvements or decorations.

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