Missing Saudi?

“Do you miss Saudi Arabia at all?”

I miss the little things. Those cheap falafel sandwiches on every corner. And those big shops with endless rows of colorful dresses and headscarves and abayas.

“Yeah, what about the cats?”

There are no words to describe how much I miss them. Just the other day, Emma sent me pictures again when she went to check in on them and feed them. They are not hungry. They seem really well.

On the one hand, Cat Corner was my refuge, when I sat with them, my soul was at peace. On the other hand, I was under constant stress, worrying when one of them would go missing or get injured, or when would I witness something worse than yet another abandoned house cat. They are far away from me now, but I still think of them every day.

Pondering further, I know what I miss the most. A piece of myself that I left behind in Jeddah.

Today, Tamer and I walked through Ljubljana city center again. Holding hands, the sun was shining. Lovely. And yet, I still feel restless. I miss myself the most, who I was in Jeddah.

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