I have been carving pumpkins every fall for almost a decade. Even six years ago, when I landed in the hospital for 3 weeks after an injury at this time of year, I cut out orange paper garlands instead of real pumpkins so they could adorn my gloomy hospital room.

This year I didn’t know if I would see the Slovenian autumn. It hurt me when it became clear that home was moving further away again.

The trick to treating homesickness is to choose a partner who knows how to conjure the right atmosphere. We went to the supermarket to get the pumpkins. Then we saw even nicer ones at the bazaar and took another 2 from there.


I set to work in my air-conditioned living room. I had new knives at my disposal, different types of pumpkins, but I felt the exact same amount of joy and enthusiasm as always. I am most proud of this kitty lantern.

The things that make you happy and ignite a spark of inspiration in you, that is home. And that is you.

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