Quite old-fashioned!

“How did you two meet?”

A classic question. Perhaps in anticipation of some surprising detail. After all this time, the answer is no longer interesting: “We met online.”

At this point, people mostly settle for a summary of the not-so-unheard-of “modern romance” from the contemporary digital age.

Last week, however, we received a really interesting response, one that we have never heard before. An older lady truly surprised us, while we were visiting her. Sipping tea, black with milk, from a traditional Turkish cup, one of many from around the world that she has collected on her travels, she declared:

“Come to think of it…that’s quite old-fashioned!”

Tamer and I looked at each other. We immediately understood and nodded to her, and Mrs. Barbara continued:

“Yes, yes. Like in the olden days. Correspondence, courtship in letters. How romantic, indeed!”

Indeed. Before we even managed to meet in person, how many correspondences, video calls, packages in the mail… We didn’t have a chaperone, but our long-distance relationship blossomed. It was not easy, but it was worth it. We knew we wanted to be together and we made it happen.

A modern romance with an old-fashioned twist. Indeed.

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