Ramadan 2023

“What will Ramadan be like in Ljubljana,” I was asking myself. Will it be easier or harder to fast? There are lower temperatures, but on the other hand, days are much longer.

My month of fasting this time is, at least according to my personal experience, incomparably easier than the past three years in Saudi Arabia.

Despite a much higher level of productivity and physical activity, the day passes without any trouble. What surprised me the most was the absence of a headache, it didn’t visit me neither today, nor yesterday, nor even on the first day.

In the hot and humid city of Jeddah, I had to prepare for Ramadan by thoroughly cleaning the house, since I knew that under no circumstances would I go for any deep cleaning of the bathroom. Today, for example, Tamer and I tidied up the whole apartment and swept the building corridor, which we are in charge of (right this month).

The only thing I really miss is the adhan. The one in the morning to wake me up, in case my phone alarm fails me. And the one at sundown, which would make the end of fasting much more celebratory.

As I write this short letter, the eggs are boiling on the stove. The table is almost ready. We just have to put the bread and cutlery on the placemats, and it will be time for iftar.

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