Rose-colored glasses

I have never worn rose-colored glasses in Saudi Arabia. Quite the opposite. So what can I say on the second anniversary of living in this kingdom, far away from home?

That I am happy here with my husband. That even though we didn’t expect to be here that long, I know it all happens for a reason. It must have been just right that we visited Slovenia for the first time only this summer.

That a lot of things get on my nerves. So what? Maybe it’s the times we live in. The fact I can still find inspiration to write and actually notice my progress in articulation, conciseness… I can without a doubt pat myself on the shoulder!

That in all this time I was able to help tens of cats which would otherwise end up miserably like many others in this concrete jungle named Jeddah. I can never change the nation and its culture, but I am able to fix my own little “cat garden” on the corners of our neighborhood to the best of my ability.

How do I end this story of my life in Saudi Arabia? The end is not yet known, some chapters are still waiting to be written…

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