Slovenian Woman

This is my story.
How do I represent Slovenia? With my language, with the rich vocabulary with which I write these letters and with that I’m opening a window into the world to my countrymen. With my independent character, polite attitude towards foreigners and warmth, I represent the Slovenian nation to anyone in my path who strikes up a conversation with me.

I teach foreigners Slovene. My husband from Sudan speaks more Slovene words than I do Arabic.
I enthusiastically tell him about Slovenian history and customs. I prepare Slovenian dishes in my kitchen, Tamer loves my roasted potatoes.

Longer letters about all this will find its place at the right time.

This is my path.
A scarf with which I feel good and I like how it looks on me, doesn’t erase my Slovenehood.
My body is my own.

I am a proud Slovenian woman in Saudi Arabia. 🇸🇮🇸🇦

(The scanned photo was sent to me today by my father. I wore a Slovenian folklore attire in the 4th grade when we recited a famous Slovene poem “A toast” with two other classmates at a recital.)

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