Tea. And more tea. Different varieties. With mint. With milk.

In large heavy teapots at a roadside stall. Visibly fuming steam is like a beautiful detail from a scene with a sunset.

How lucky are we that we emptied our thermos during our trip – now they can fill it up to go for the price of 5 or 6 cups.

We were returning home from Taif to Jeddah and along the way we drank some really good black tea with mint. With just the right amount of sugar, and per our request the seller added some milk.

This is how we now prepare it in our own kitchen. We add fresh mint leaves to the traditional Sudanese “milk tea”.

Such little things brighten up everyday life and bring back fond memories of his family home as well as our anniversary when we went for a short getaway from the city to the mountains. ❤️

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